Courtney Griffin


Courtney Griffin is an English and philosophy senior. An Austin, Texas native, she is a former member of Kappa Delta and a current rugby player. This is her first semester working for Longhorn Life.

Courtney relaxes by writing fictional stories about possible adventures. She enjoys running, beer and music, but never all three at the same time.

 Holly Williams

Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

[17 years at UT]

 Dave Garlock

Senior Lecturer, School of Journalism

[23 years at UT]

Patricia Roberts-Miller, Ph.D.

Professor, Departments of English and Rhetoric and Writing

[12 years at UT]

  Sun Farm Kitchens is not just a restaurant but a bit of a revival act.

It was raining and cold on an early morning in February as Littlefield Patio Cafe workers wiped down tables and made preparations for the day, the dawn’s sunlight barely creeping over the trees.

Easy Tiger may look like just a bakery, but it has a basement full of more bread, plenty of booze,  and even features an outdoor deck. The long-anticipated Easy Tiger Bakeshop and Beer Garden opened Jan. 24 on East Sixth Street, just west of the I-35 access ramp.