Victoria Heckenlaible

With 73 beers on tap and more than 130 bottled beers in stock, Flying Saucer in the Triangle continuously rotates their menu, highlighting beers for every occasion — and the holiday season is no different.

Freshman year on a campus as large as UT’s can be frightening for students who have grown up in the U.S. speaking English. But for some students, arriving on the 40 Acres can be their first real American experience — and that can be a truly scary thing.

Laminated pictures of a packed Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium lay strewn across a desk covered with plastic scraps and X-Acto knives. Pictures of UT’s greatest sports moments lay in piles around the room, rolls of colored vinyl breaking up the burnt orange.

The a cappella group slowly squeezed into the ICU room of a 10-year-old girl bedridden with a brain tumor. Her parents had heard the UT students singing in the lobby of Dell Children’s Medical Center and had asked them to come sing the one song that would encourage their daughter the most—“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.