Photo Credit: TX Tower PR instagram

Simi Mathur and Isaac Garza attempt to raise money during Camp Kesem's Fundraiser "Stuff a Cap." The fundraiser brings in donations to help pay for future camps.

Photo Credit: Hannah Vickers

A student swims in the indoor lap pool at Gregory Gym.

Photo Credit: Clara Patt

APO members Adam King, Yadiri Montoya, Nancy Cifuentes and Caroline Mendelsohn replace gravel in the Concho Community Garden's native vegetation section while others paint the new picnic tables and set up the new area for composting.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth de Regt

Josh Alexander is CEO and co-founder of Toopher, one of the 24 start-ups that participated in the first season of the Longhorn Startup Studio, founded by Bob Metcalfe in October 2012.

Photo Credit: Jared Wynne

Glenn Richter, the interim director of Butler School of Music, said the copyrights of "The Eyes of Texas" and "Texas Fight," which will be marketed by Longhorn Music, bring in revenue for UT.

Photo Credit: Kendall Ivie

Professor Robert Abzug works in the departments of history and religious studies at UT.

Photo Credit: Alejandro Silveyra

Glenn Richter has directed the Longhorn Band Program and Symphony Band for 15 years.

Photo Credit: Joe Capraro