Vice President

Texas Outdoorsmen facilitate local outdoor activities for group members at locations such as Zilker Park, Barton Creek, the Greenbelt and Hamilton Pool.

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Josh Alexander is CEO and co-founder of Toopher, one of the 24 start-ups that participated in the first season of the Longhorn Startup Studio, founded by Bob Metcalfe in October 2012.

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 Zachary Maurais, found of Favor, posing with developer Caleb Fulgham outside the company's headquarters on South Lamar Boulevard.

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Circuit of the Americas' 14,000-person amphitheater plays a part in X Games plans for next May.

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Vice president of student affairs
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 Junior Michelle Tran pies sophomore Ver Starr in the face

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Students in UT’s Get Tested Longhorn organization hand out free condoms during an event on Halloween last fall.

Students at last year’s Annual Greek Awards co-hosted by the Greek, Leadership and Intercultural Education office and the Order of Omega honor society.