Throw yourself a housewarming party

Photo Credit: Christine Imperatore

After searching for the perfect off-campus destination to call home and signing away your paycheck for the next nine months to a year, the next logical step to take in your grown-up life is to throw a housewarming party. Wow your guests with your hidden interior decorating skills and let them bask in the details of your lovely abode. Paying your own bills and finally having a place where you make the rules is a milestone worth a massive celebration. Bless your home with this housewarming party and look forward to the happy memories yet to be made. Here’s what you’ll need.

Home decor
Let’s face it, you didn’t have much to work with in decorating your dorm and were probably limited in how much you could express yourself at your parents’ house. This is the first place to call your own— spoil yourself. It is important that your home décor reflects your personality. Whatever inspires you- be it animal prints, bold colors, or a time in history - fill your space with trinkets that best represent you. Shop around and compare pricing to avoid breaking the bank; you’ll be surprised what you can find at the dollar store or even the thrift store.

It’s impossible to celebrate your housewarming without the people closest to you. Keep in mind that this isn’t the party to invite absolutely everyone you know; a housewarming party is not to be confused with a house party. Avoid inviting people through social media in order to keep it a small and intimate affair. Instead, send out a group message to your friends inviting them to your invitation only party or let them know the old-fashioned way with handwritten invitations.  

Food and Drinks
No party is complete without snacks for your guests to nibble on and drinks to keep them hydrated. Keep it simple and don’t feel compelled to cook a full meal; that would be expensive and time-consuming. This is the perfect time to try out your favorite finger food and hors d’oeuvre recipes. As for drinks, juice, lemonade or tea are good choices. If your guests are 21 or older, a little spike to the punch adds some extra fun to the party. And of course, it’s not a housewarming party without a champagne toast!

Entertaining guests can be done in a variety of ways, like with music, games or TV marathons. Crank up the stereo system and play a few oldies-but-goodies. Have some fun and bring karaoke to your place. If singing isn’t your thing, Taboo and Charades can always liven up any party. Finally, TV marathons are sure to keep your guests entertained. Tune in to Tainted Love Tuesdays on Lifetime (a personal favorite of mine) or your favorite show’s special marathon. These ideas never get old and are perfect for some housewarming party fun!