Spend your extra hours with new apps

It’s hard to imagine a world without mobile phone applications. We are constantly using them in our everyday lives, whether it’s to find the best deals, access social media or play games. These apps are ever-evolving, with new ones coming out daily and many of them are free or pretty inexpensive.  With so many options, finding the best ones and trying to be ahead of the crowd can be difficult. So here are a few soon-to-be-launched apps for you to check out now … before everyone else does.

It seems we find more enjoyment in activities when we know there is a winner in the end. The upcoming iPhone application ChallengeLoop will allow users to challenge their friends to do various things through photos, videos and other posts. There will be posts every step of the way, from the beginning of the challenge right up until the end.

“On ChallengeLoop you can either challenge yourself to something or challenge others,” said Kelli Davis, Director of Marketing for ChallengeLoop. “The person who creates the challenge is the one who offers up a reward. It can be anything from them offering to give a cupcake to the winner or even a trip to Hawaii.”

Davis said the application is open and flexible. There could be a flash diet challenge, which is where you take a picture of everything you eat for a week, or more common challenges such as a 30-day weight-loss challenge.
This application is scheduled to launch in late May and is especially meant to encourage athletes of all levels to challenge themselves and their friends to achieve their peak physical conditions, Davis said.

Scalado Remove
Capturing the perfect picture is difficult.  To help ease the frustration, Swedish company Scalado has come up with a new way to capture photos and eliminate any mishaps, such as photo bombers or blinking eyes.
This application will allow someone to capture the perfect photo in one shot. It would automatically delete moving objects and highlight other objects that you may want to eliminate.     
The app captures several images at once and then allows the user to compose the perfect picture by adjusting the best shots. The release date is still unknown, but it’s scheduled to be no later than this winter.

Phantasy Star Online 2
Mass multiplayer online games are everywhere — even in the mobile sphere. Sega is anticipating their newest installment, Phantasy Star Online 2, to launch this summer for both the iPhone and Android market.
With the lack of power a phone has in comparison to a game console or computer, the application will not feature the entire game. It does, however, have many social game elements and is user-friendly in terms of having a simple controler. There is a particularly big hype surrounding this anticipated game because it will be free. The release is scheudled for this summer.

DrinkUp Austin
For most of us UT students, drinking at venues on Sixth Street is a regular social event. But there are plenty of great spots around town to get something alcoholic… you just may not know about them. That’s where DrinkUp Austin comes in. The mobile application will provide information about all the places in the area that serve alcohol. This application is reminiscent of Yelp and will include maps, places, events and activities at various bars, clubs and restaurants. Just remember to drink (and find drinks) responsibly!

If you’re looking to be ahead of your friends when it comes to being mobile app savvy, keep these up-and-comers in mind next time you’re perusing your phone’s app store.