Local boy discovers fun, swirly water ride for goldfish

AUSTIN—After realizing that the tank his mother bought for his new pet goldfish, Goldy, was too small for a fish to have any real fun in, six-year old Louis Wagner decided to put the fish in a super-exciting, swirly-splashy water ride he discovered in his parent’s bathroom. “Goldy doesn’t like it in that little tank,” said Wagner as he carried his favorite pet in a net towards the porcelain whirlpool. “He’s going to have so much more fun in the water park I just found. Trust me; he told me so.” As of press time, Wagner was on his way to the kitchen to ask his mother how to get Goldy out of the hole in the bottom of the ride, and to check on his hamster, Mr. Furry, who he had put in the freezer a day earlier to help him cool off from a vigorous workout on the exercise wheel.



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