Review: House of Torment worth the cost and the scare

Being the wimp that I am, I was nervous about reviewing The House of Torment. However, I knew that attending one of the top five haunted houses in America would be a great start to conquering my fears.

When I arrived on the grounds, I was overwhelmed by the bodies outside the simple warehouse building. I was thankful that my boyfriend paid the extra $10 for VIP tickets, because our line was drastically shorter than that of general admission ticket-holders; we only had to wait about five minutes before walking in.

The Reckoning is the first and more terrifying house. While standing in line, bloody clowns walk around toting weapons. Once you walk in, the theme seems to alternate between an apocalyptic, alien-infested environment and a twisted freak show of tortured and decaying victims. Both themes, of course, were ridiculously scary.

The second house, The Cursed, is shorter – but nonetheless terrifying. The theme appeared to be a mix of dead pirates and demon-filled jungles. The actresses in this house were spectacular; I don’t what it is, but the insane cackle of a slumped-over woman just chills me.

The actors are really what make these houses so successful; the monsters seem genuinely interested in scaring people. Though they aren’t allowed to touch you, the actors definitely push the limit in order to enhance your experience. Your sense of safety is threatened over and over again, as you walk unsteadily over a creaky bridges, figures lurk and intense music interrupts the eerily silence.

One thing I didn’t like about the experience was the amount of people allowed in at one time. While we were walking through, I felt claustrophobic thanks to a number of preteens pushing up behind me. Also, the intense strobe lights and heat were constantly distracting me from feeling afraid. But, overall, I was pleased with both The Reckoning and The Cursed.

After experiencing a high level of anxiety and adrenaline inside both houses, we headed towards the gift shop located outside of The Cursed. You can pay inside the gift shop to try your hand at the new zombie-shooting range, where you man a paint-ball gun and shoot down actors dressed up in protective gear and, of course, zombie masks. I didn’t wait in the long line to actually participate, but I enjoyed watching the zombies dance to techno music while actively avoiding paintball-induced deaths.

Overall, I was very impressed with the House of Torment. I felt that each dollar was well-spent, and I will definitely consider visiting again to see what they come up with next year.