Try multitasking your resolutions with these two-in-ones

Photo Credit: Christine Imperatore

A college student’s life isn’t exactly a goldmine of free time and by the end of winter break, New Year’s resolutions may seem impossible to fulfill. The art of multitasking is certainly something college students have perfected over the years, so why not apply that concept to living up to those resolutions. There are certain lifestyle changes one can make that have more than one major benefit.

Cook meals at home
If you resolved to eat healthier and save money this year, home cooking could be the perfect solution for you. Rather than heading out for pizza or a burger every time your tummy grumbles, try out a healthy new recipe at home. Making your own meals, whether it’s from scratch or with the help of a few pre-made ingredients will cost you less and help you eat a more balanced, lower calorie diet. To get a head start on this lifestyle change, set aside some time to save a few recipes that sound good to you so you’ll be ready when you need them. For ideas, check out, and

Join a club or student organization
If your friend list and résumé were a little lacking last year, you might try joining a club to improve both of those areas. Especially on such a large, diverse campus as UT, the possibilities are endless. And you do not have to limit yourself to campus groups only. The city of Austin is chock full of fundraisers, pick up sports teams and common interest groups just waiting for you to get involved. You will meet new people and be able to add a few lines to your résumé. As an added bonus you might even learn a new skill! For a list of campus groups, visit or to find things to do in Austin check out

Get active
A lot of people resolve to be healthier and stress out less every year. If these are two things on your agenda for 2012, getting active could be the key to accomplishing both. Exercise is a pivotal part of reaching or maintaining a healthy weight but it also helps to relieve the tension brought on by a busy, stressful schedule. Elevating your heart rate for just 20 minutes a day can keep you on the healthy track. Take some time for yourself each day and find an energetic activity that you enjoy. Austin has so many outdoor attractions and fitness clubs, you’re sure to find one that sparks your interest. has some great tips for living an active life.