Fashion column: Unique color combinations

After spending twelve years of my life in New York — land of the color-phobes — I have come to appreciate my basic blacks, whites and beiges. The “little black dress” didn’t become a universal closet staple for nothing. But there are so many gorgeous colors on the spectrum! Women ought to embrace the jewels, pastels and fluorescents out there instead of always turning back to our colorless comfort zone.

Of course, color can be tricky! One single color from head to toe can be a bit overwhelming to look at. And then if you have too many colors, it can appear clownish. There’s a fine line between mindful mixing and matching and absolute color chaos. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you experiment: If you are just beginning to work with more color in your wardrobe, stick to a two-color palette at first — add some variety by including different shades of a color or by mixing different weights of fabric. Try to incorporate neutral accessories to tone done the colors of the outfit, particularly if you are choosing bright hues. Avoid wearing flashy prints; the colors are the focus here, not the patterns. And don’t be timid! Flip through magazines or browse Pinterest or just look around you to find inspiration for unique and vibrant color combinations. Some of my favorites? Lilac and lemon, fuchsia and tangerine, camel and lime, and scarlet and mint. 

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