Meet the... Manager of Procurement and Warehousing

Photo Credit: Guillermo Hernandez

Name: Ben Reid
Title and department: Manager of Procurement and Warehousing in Facilities Services — Business Services
Years at UT: 7

My job entails: handling the purchasing for Facilities Services and managing a team of about 17 people. We fulfill the material needs of Facilities Services and Project Management Construction Services. I run two operations, one here on campus and another at the Pickle Research Campus.

A typical day for me involves: putting out any fires, essentially. If things are proceeding smoothly and my team hits a rock in the road, I move the rock so they can keep going. I expedite the operations of the day by taking care of issues that arise. Also, I do the final approvals on purchasing orders every day.

Something you may not know: is that anyone with a UT account can buy supplies, things like batteries and flashlights, from our warehouse. Just come to FC3 so we can look you up by your account number and create a standing work order number for you. You’ll be good to go from there.

My background includes: being born and raised in Austin, enrolling in ROTC at UT and graduating in 1995 as a photojournalism major. Upon graduation, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force, so I went to California and worked in the Air Force Space Command and later in nuclear security at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. After I met my wife, a nuclear missile launch officer at Malmstrom, I worked in distributing for the Gap and Technicolor. Following that, my wife and I moved back to Austin where I worked for Dell, and then UT as the assistant manager for custodial services’ night operations. When this job opened up, it fit both my warehousing background and my family life, so I stepped right in.

The best part about working on the 40 Acres is: the sense of pride and ownership of working where I went to school, and where my parents worked. Our mission is to keep things running on campus, so it’s nice to physically see the effect we’re having. Also, it affords a great work-life balance. Every morning I ride in with my five-year-old daughter, walk her into the Comal Child Care Center, then walk right over here to my office.

My favorite place on campus is: the turtle pond. If I’m on my way in and my daughter is with me, she’ll take parts of her snack and feed the turtles. It’s the only place I know of where you can actually hand-feed turtles.

To contact my office/department:
In person: FC3 1.214B
By phone: 512-232-9540
Via email: