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This year’s fall fashion juxtaposes old and new, with oversized, vibrantly hued coats meshing together with silhouettes from the 1960’s to provide abundant panache.

Here's your guide to all the fasion trends to expect at Austin City Limits Music Festival this year. Take note and enjoy the shows!

In a city known for its food trucks, only ten can be the best.

Between school, work, friendships, and extracurricular, who has time to worry about being healthy? But it doesn't have to be that difficult or time-consuming.

So you do not have a car, and you have to get somewhere. What do you do? Get a Fasten? No! Go get on a CapMetro bus, it is free!

Now that you have arrived on campus you might be slightly concerned about its size, the places to eat, and even the social environment. Being a first year can be hard, you are battling homesickness all the while trying to discover your “place” at UT. But don’t worry, the following nine tips will help you navigate the, sometimes difficult, trials and tribulations of freshman year. 

Rivalry runs deep.

UT is known for its service-oriented programs and organizations and for its goal to give back. 

Learn about some of UT's most celebrated symbols of spirit!

Fashion sure has changed over the years!


Football players aren’t the only ones pumped for the game.

Foods that scream "Keep Austin Weird".

The thoughts behind the acronym


Many may believe their habits make them healthier. However, several health and fitness misconceptions lead enthusiasts astray.

Myth: “All natural” means it’s healthy.

Many products claim to be “all natural,” but that does not necessarily mean the claims are true. Instead, you should look for the USDA Organic logo and review the ingredients list. Try to avoid things like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and food dyes.

Learn how to support or join Texas Ultimate at UT Austin. 

Determine which outfit works best for which workout. From gym sessions to sports, there's a designated fashion to get your most effective workout in. 

Don't let stress from school or work keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. Keep these suggestions in mind next time you feel you're on the brink of a mental breakdown. 

Get the insight on products that preserve and enhance your skin's to its full potential. 

Avoid doctor visits during the semester with these helpful health tips to enhace your lifestyle. 

UT Austin students share their dorm-life experiences and what they learned after living on campus. 

We've all heard how rooming with a friend can never end with positive results; however, here's how to make it work. 

Master taking the bus with our helpful tips and routes!

One of our staff writers shares her biggest lessons learned when moving away for college. 

Find out how to make Austin your home away from home with a few of these decor tips.