Texas sorority helps the fight for a cure

 Junior Michelle Tran pies sophomore Ver Starr in the face

Photo Credit: Rachel Lau

Texas sorority alpha Kappa Delta Phi set up events this past week dedicated to their philanthropic work to breast cancer awareness. Their national philanthropy is bringing awareness to breast cancer, which they fundraise for in both the fall and spring semesters.

Everyday this past week there was an event. They started with a kick-off rally on Monday with a speaker who discussed her experience with Breast Cancer and concluded on Friday with their ninth annual charity poker tournament.

“We’ve had something for Breast Cancer Awareness since 1993,” said Michelle Lim, the vice president of service in alpha Kappa Delta Phi. “Last semester, during our Breast Cancer Awareness Week we raised around $5000.”

All proceeds from these events went to Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which they have been partners with for two years now.  The sorority’s goal coincides with Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade, as they try to pull together their resources for this greater cause.

The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade donations go towards breast cancer research. Avon Foundation for Women not only supports finding a cure, but also educates women on the causes, diagnosis, treatments and ways to prevent breast cancer. Regardless of a person’s status, Avon helps support the efforts to ensure these women in need have the best quality of care.

Every semester, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has hosted different types of events to see what appeals most to people. In the past there have been club parties, bake sales, tabling, basketball tournaments and poker tournaments, to name a few. This semester, they tried something new by recruiting a speaker to start off the kick-off rally. They also held an event called “Mani for the Cure,” which offered five-dollar pink manicures with all proceeds benefitting the cause.

“In the past we used to have a basketball tournament to try and bring in more people, but we’re trying out more ideas now,” Lim said. “This semester we also have two food trailers helping us…Chi’lantro and Fresh Off the Truck.”

In spring 2011, they raised about $3000, and were even more surprised by the turn out last fall because of their “Mr. Pink” event, which generated the most revenue they’ve had. The sorority is hoping that the events this spring bring in about the same amount.