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April 2015 Beautiful 2BR, 1BA apartment available in Barton Springs area of Austin, TX. Gorgeous apartment, current tenant... more
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April 2015 Off the Record with Rohit Mandalapu hosted by Rohit Mandalapu Today's guests are Kenboi Wilson Carter and his sister,... more
April 2015 Off the Record with Rohit Mandalapu hosted by Rohit Mandalapu Off the Record's guests of the day are Kornhole Rady and... more
April 2015 The Texas Travesty got a special sneak peak of the new Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio film The Wolf of Wall Street... more
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March 2012 Beck Olpolopolis and Dustin Markonitus take on all SG candidates in the only manner befitting true Greeks- with... more
February 2012 As a Classical Greek, Beck Olpolopolis and her VP candidate Dustin Markonitus can best serve OUR interests.
November 2011 The Texas Travesty visited the Big Apple to tell train jokes.
April 2011 A pledge must contend with a particularly harsh set of beer pong rules.
March 2011
March 2011
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September 2010 There's a reason we need unanimous agreement for some things.
July 2010 Friends give each other presents without any romantic connotations. written by: Matty Greene
June 2010 A man, a job interview, and a handshake that changes everything. written by: Matty Greene
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February 2010 Calisthenics will make students great and increase student efficiency. Their sweat will grease machine.
February 2010 Be there February 24th at 7pm in the San Jacinto MPR to see history in the making. You can also enjoy a break from the... more
February 2010 A student who takes member of opposite sex into room is inefficient and wanton to own sexual pleasures. No Visitation.
February 2010 Inspirational campaign video about great leader Aaron Walther for University of Texas student government president.
September 2009 The Texas Travesty interviews Jason Bateman and Mike Judge at the Austin premiere of "Extract"
February 2009 One man, one suit.